The City of Paxton uses Central Illinois Disposal & Recycling to handle the recycling needs of the Paxton Community. This service is provided in conjunction with the City of Paxton and is available only to private residents within the City of Paxton city limits and to Central Illinois Disposal customers. A fee for businesses does apply. Maximum per household of 4 bags (13 gallon Kitchen size) per household per week.


1190 N Market St
Paxton, IL 60957


Recycling happens on Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon. - CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Acceptable Items

  • Plastic Containers 
    • Must be rinsed with all caps and rings removed. 
    • Flatten, if possible no oil containers no plastic bags 
    • When determining which type of plastic to recycle, look for the recycling triangle symbol with the code number in the middle.
    • Number 1 - PETE - Poly(ethylene terephthalate):
      Soda bottles, water bottles, cooking oil bottles, and medicine containers.
    • Number 2 - HDPE - High-density Polyethylene:
      Containers for: laundry/dish detergent, milk, shampoo, conditioner, also various toys, and grocery bags
  • Newspapers, including inserts
  • Corrugated cardboard, flatten and tie together
  • Tin cans, ends removed and flattened
  • Aluminum cans, rinsed and flattened
  • Slick, glossy magazines and catalogs
  • Phone books

A Complete list of Recyclable items.

No glass is accepted at this time.